"At the beginning of the year a Brent CliMAte Group (name yet to be confirmed) was set up with the view of mobilising local engagement on Brent’s Climate Draft Strategy consultation (which closed on 15th January) and in support of the Brent Environmental Network (BEN), which was recently set up ‘for residents, businesses, schools and community groups so that we can work together to tackle this emergency and share information and resources’ as well as ‘finance local carbon reduction projects through Brent’s Carbon Offset Fund’. The key areas under review here and which BEN aims to deliver on by 2030 are:

- Consumption, resources and waste
- Transport
- Homes and buildings
- Nature and green spaces
- Supporting communities

The group has held a meeting since to discuss thoughts and ideas in connection with the aims laid out in the strategy and also met with members of the Brent Council Climate Emergency Strategy Management team. Some group members have  joined the BEN Advisory Group, which aims to draw on the voices of the wider community and other organisations. 

In addition to that, the idea for the group is to raise awareness locally around the key themes, organise initiatives, form partnerships and ensure accountability from the government on the delivery of actions.

Image by Anqi Lu
Image by Markus Spiske