Mutual aid groups across Brent have joined forces to kick-off an initiative to grow food with and for our communities in Brent. We aim to develop and run community food-growing spaces in collaboration with local residents, council, charities and other organisations in order to make fresh organically grown fruit and vegetables more accessible to the wider community, nurture food growing knowledge and skills among community members, as well as promote health and wellbeing...

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been an expressed demand for fresh fruit and vegetables among community members, as identified by Mutual Aid volunteers taking calls from local residents. Many people have felt isolated and disconnected throughout the lockdown and there has been a strong grassroots response from communities expressing a wish to connect and support one another. There is a growing body of evidence that community projects, gardening and being in nature are good for mental and physical health."

Image by Sigmund
Image by Anna Earl
Image by Alexander Schimmeck