Kensal GreenTel: 020 8638 8291 / Email: kensalgreenaid@gmail.com

DEFINITION : Mutual aid is “cooperation for the sake of the common good.”

It’s getting people to come together to meet each other’s needs, recognising that as humans, our survival is dependent on one another

Our Mission at Kensal Green Mutual Aid:  Contribute to our connected, caring, resilient and strong community, by enabling a large and diverse volunteer support network, where every neighbour is reassured they will find support in times of crisis. We partner as equals. We work together, in a spirit of solidarity, to support and look out for one another. We work alongside but independently from the resources offered by councils, the voluntary sector and other already existing services. Our vision is to connect our volunteers through initiatives which they are passionate about, and to create a space for ideas and community spirit to flourish.


The KGMA vision: 
We will ensure that neighbours continue to receive support (food packages, supplies, household items, friendly phone calls, mental health signposting) to enhance their lives

We will maintain an active social media presence to share the great work we do, and to promote community activities and local businesses

We will reach out to our neighbours in need; increasing awareness of our work through flyer drops, business interactions, social media, and building our volunteer network

We will facilitate improving the spirit of the Kensal Green community through local initiatives (walking groups, gardening clubs, community events)

We will partner with other organisations, charities and the council to foster a robust support network for our neighbours



Brent Mutual Aid works in good faith.
Brent Mutual Aid does not endorse, provide advice, make recommendations or take responsibility for any of the businesses or services featured on the website. If you choose to engage with those businesses or services featured in the newsletter, it is entirely at your own risk and the usual precautions should be taken (e.g. checking a charity is properly registered with the Charities Commission).