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DEFINITION : Mutual aid is “cooperation for the sake of the common good.”

It’s getting people to come together to meet each other’s needs, recognising that as humans, our survival is dependent on one another

Between 1st April and 20th June of this year, we  received 81 calls or emails from residents in our community asking for aid. In that period we were able to resolve 69 of them, with the rest either ongoing or having sorted themselves out. Many of these calls are from a group of repeat users who call us regularly, while others have established relationships with specific individuals and are communicating through different channels.


By far, our most common jobs have been picking up food and prescriptions for people. We have put people in touch with other organisations such as the Granville Community Kitchen, who have been providing free food aid during the pandemic. In addition, we have been tracking down pots and pans, bedding, dishwashers and fridges for our neighbours.


Brent Mutual Aid works in good faith.
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