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DEFINITION : Mutual aid is “cooperation for the sake of the common good.”

It’s getting people to come together to meet each other’s needs, recognising that as humans, our survival is dependent on one another

As time goes on, MMA continues to adapt in alignment with the changing needs of our community. While some of our ways of working remain consistent, such as the pharmacy rota and community phone roster, we are seeing a change of needs and requirements. As a result of how things are evolving, we are adapting initiatives and creating new ones.
The financial implications of COVID-19 for many families have meant that we are being contacted by residents about more complex cases. These vary in type but include Advice4Renters referral, help with applying for credit and grants and generally being a starting point for people who are in more complicated situations. Mapesbury Mutual Aid is also heavily involved with the Solidarity fund, which will provide assistance to Brent residents who are struggling financially without an obligation to pay back the money. The aim is to have this fund up and running in August. In addition, as Mutual Aid Food Willesden is going to close at the end of August, we're looking to put a referral system in place to ensure that families are still able to access food support, as we believe that the need will continue.  



Brent Mutual Aid works in good faith.
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