In our last issue (august newsletter) we featured James, one of our volunteers, who helped with 100 cases - and counting! (See our interview with James in september issue and find out how Mutual Aid and mental health can go hand in hand). This month we have another amazing volunteer who also completed 100 cases, Matilde. Matilde has been an invaluable volunteer helping with a number of things, such as handling requests. The group prepared an “ambush-surprise” to celebrate her 100th case (see picture below).

The number of cases fulfilled by Willesden Green Mutual Aid ward has reached 780 cases. That means that many households had their requests fulfilled, bettering the mental health and well-being of residents. An additional benefit has been gained by the volunteers themselves, many of whom also thrive when helping others. Being involved with Mutual Aid means feeling motivated, and having a purpose or aim, even in times of anxiety and uncertainty. It also

means getting out and exercising - great for mental health! If there is one positive and beautiful thing that could possibly come from the pandemic, it is, no doubt, Mutual Aid. The name says it all: mutual aid bringing mutual winners!

Marta Albright Autran Dourado


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