Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Caper, co-founded by Sara Perkins from Harlesden, is a new interactive play app for 4 year old upwards that encourages children to go and have an adventure in the park and explore nature.

Ben Geliher, Caper’s CEO and co-founder, came up with the idea when he was trying to convince his five-year-old daughter to go out to the park on a beautiful day while she was absorbed in watching TV. He thought, “I bet if Elsa from Frozen called her up right now and asked for her help in the park, she’d be out of the door before she could find her shoes!” Ben built a prototype of Caper, and his intuition has proved right. Over 6,000 families have downloaded Caper since launch in April, and the team has received financial backing from LEGO Ventures.

Caper works when parents download the app and start a‘caper’or adventure. At the moment, the App features stories based on a character called Captain Redtail, an intergalactic space explorer, and Holly Goodspell, a friendly witch who stars in Spellville, Caper’s Halloween special which is free to play for October. The range of caper content will grow over the coming months.

The aim for the app is to encourage 20% screen time and 80% playtime, and parents are loving this balance of the digital world their kids crave and the play in nature they remember from childhood. Caper is tackling important challenges such as obesity and mental health by encouraging active play in nature.

Sara says, “During lockdown with schools closed, the importance of access to green space and exercise for families came into sharp focus. I spent many hours in Roundwood and Queen’s Park over the spring playing capers in my head. We are very lucky to have such great parks in Brent.”

The first Captain Redtail and Spellville capers are free, whilst an additional 7 episodes and bonus extras are included in a bundle which costs £4.99. The app is available on IOS and Android at

Sara Perkins, a mum of two daughters, has lived in Harlesden for 20 years. She is involved in marketing and partnerships.


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