Another lockdown which is yet again affecting various aspects of our lives. Should you or anyone you know need any assistance, please contact the nearest Mutual Aid group in your area. For the new lockdown rules please see here

In this issue, we take a closer look at how Brent and the wider London communities are evolving and adapting in order to make a difference in slowing down the effects of climate change. The hope for us all is to make our communities more resilient through sustainable solutions.

Many local businesses are leading the way, from Queen’s Park Farmers’ Market to Patoka Eco Store - both great examples of bringing zero waste shoppingtoNorthWestLondon.Wasteisabig challenge and embracing recycling as part of our daily lives is a small step that will make a big difference in the future.

We tell the inspiring story of a former refugee turned Beekeeper, Ali Alzein, who is connecting with local communities and at the same time helping to bring back native black bees, an important part of our ecosystem.

Inspiring the younger generation is also the innovative Caper app that encourages children to go outside and explore the outdoors. Our open

spaces are more important than ever. The Sufra Community Gardens is another prime example which provides a therapeutic space investing in the skills, health and wellbeing of local people in St. Raphael’s Estate.

The recent challenges of the pandemic have shown how inequality can impact a society’s access to healthy food options. Edible London is trying to change this by bringing fresh, healthy and sustainable food to thousands of people in food poverty. BOM is another enterprise that wants to teach people how to introduce plant-based food into their diet, whilst at the same time employing local vulnerable people.

Understanding our carbon footprint is an important part of fighting climate change. In this issue, we asked Brent Council a range of questions that affect us locally.

Lastly, Diwali celebrations this year will see many Hindu residents in Brent lighting candles and clay lamps in their homes to remember that ‘light triumphs over dark’ - which seems quite apt during today’s challenging times.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy year.

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