Edible London’s philosophy is based on sharing, collaborating and creating structures built on empathy and abundance.

Edible London’s goal is to help those in the community suffering from food poverty, showing them how to eat a more nutritious diet and, in turn, learn to feed their community. Through food growing and food redistribution, Edible London brings people together, and closer to the natural world. In the peak of COVID-19 Edible London were providing 50,000 meals per week; and continue to provide over 20,000 meals, which a bigger ambition to reach may more.

Edible London was formed over 2 years ago and has since registered as a community interest company focused on broadening their reach and educating our communities on food growing and nutrition. Their aim is:

To increase their offering to those in the community who suffer from food poverty.

To allow everybody to eat a more nutritious diet, to educate them and allow them to educate others and, in turn, learn to feed their community through food growing and better food education.

To support the local and wider community by providing them with the education and opportunity to support themselves and those in need by growing and getting involved with the process of growing and producing organic sustainable food.

Over the next few months we hope to bring the learnings from Edible London over to Brent via our mutual aid volunteers, watch this space.

Check out amazing Edible London:


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