As we have all been gradually easing out of lockdown, and day to day life has been changing for the community as well as for everybody else, people’s needs have evolved too. Although we wish to continue to provide the same support we have done since we began, within our group of volunteers we have also asked ourselves how we could develop in order to still be of greatest use and benefit to our neighbourhood community. We all have something to offer towards other people’s well-being, and the desire to help certainly has not diminished!

Our first area of focus has been on services ‘outdoors’; helping people to perhaps venture outside whilst they are still keeping safe, or in some cases those who may feel a little daunted about how to approach this after lockdown. Being incredibly fortunate as we are to have so many lovely green spaces in our areas, we are exploring the possibilities for offering fitness classes in parks, as well as increasing the walking groups which are currently on offer. We are also supporting local residents who have found it a little more challenging to maintain their gardens, whether this be by helping with gardening, clearing, or even fetching supplies from a garden centre.

As well as keeping the body active, we can also contribute to keeping the mind active too. We are researching various ideas which range from community online quizzes to a local art competition for children. With this in mind, we feel it is important to continue to support people who are isolated not only by providing practical assistance, but not forgetting the crucial need for interaction and conversation. The power of a friendly voice and face.

Jacqueline Perez

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