Granville Community Kitchens just announced that they are launching their new Good Food Box in early August, a radically different weekly vegetable bag scheme.

Every Wednesday, they will be packing bags of fresh, organic veg ready to feed households all over Kilburn.

• This is a model based on solidarity, not charity. They will charge two different prices for the vegetable bags, depending upon everyone’s ability to pay, so that nutritious fresh vegetables are available to the whole of the community.

• They will adapt the produce content allowing residents to access vegetables appropriate to their cultural background.

• They will also buy directly from farmers so that they are guaranteed a fairer price.

Granville Community Kitchen is reimagining the localised food system, co-creating a community of abundance, healing and resilience, and they want us to get involved. They will place the most disaffected at the centre, co-creating a local response to social issues whilst building capacity, and lifting voices to advocate for structural change at local, national and international level. Every pound we spend with Granville Community Kitchens is an investment in the local community.

To learn more about our Good Food Boxes, and to refer local residents, get in touch on 0203 488 5815 or email goodfoodbox@

Kieumy Pham Thai


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