Mapesbury Mutual Aid...a relay around Gladstone Park..

Sunday, 9th May members of Mapesbury Mutual Aid ran and walked a socially distanced relay around Gladstone Park, 5k per leg (in case you’re wondering, that’s twice round the park plus a bit!). We were able to have runners present in the park whilst sporting the natty MMA-BSF bib from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

From September 2020 to April 2021, Mapesbury Mutual Aid has helped people local to our area access £3000 from the Brent Solidarity Fund, in small grants ranging from £30 to £50. Some of these people find out about us when they approach Brent Hubs or other advice services for help, some have received our flyers in food parcels, and many more are helped to access the fund by the volunteers at Mutual Aid Food Willesden. Bills and extra food to top up food parcels are the most common needs mentioned when making an application, and the fund has also been used to pay for infant formula, clothing that cannot be sourced secondhand (such as pants, socks and tights), and other personal items. Most of the neighbours we help to access the fund come from the NW2 postcode within Brent. However, through our involvement with the food bank and Solidarity Fund team we have helped people living in NW6, NW9, NW10 and HA9 to apply.

So far, we have raised 80% of our ambitious £3000 target. If you want to help us get the last couple of hundred pounds, see our fundraiser here:


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