According to an article by Nathalie Raffray featured in the Brent & Kilburn Times, 73 percent of all clothing disposed of in the UK in 2019 ended up in household rubbish bins. One can only picture how much more of this occurred during lockdown!

Veolia and Brent Council launched a scheme, “Wear or Not”. The idea of this new initiative is to raise awareness and make people understand why we should not dispose of textiles in household rubbish or recycling bins. It is easy to take part!

• Place your items in a labelled bag.

• Place it next to your blue top bin on your collection day.

• The items in the bag will be donated to the charity TRAID (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development).

You can also take your textile items to a recycling bank or supermarkets or you can donate to charities, some of which will pick up your items. You can investigate your local charity shop for the consignment of good quality items. There are also many groups that buy, sell and trade used clothing, and a good place to start is by searching on Facebook. Once you are added to local groups, you can ask via chat about WhatsApp groups to narrow down your

search even more.

Alternatively, why not be creative and search for some arts and crafts ideas

and DIY’s? For those with children, think puppets, toys, school projects, outfits for dolls, and much more. For adults, patchwork is an idea. The Guardian has a link

for a patchwork quilt for beginners:

Guardian Patchwork for Beginners


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