Willesden Green ward has just completed its 600th request. On that exact same day, the ward celebrated one of the volunteers’ 100th case they had helped with - an amazing milestone demonstrating the kindness and selflessness of all our volunteers. It is beautiful to see the ward’s achievements and it enables a glimpse into what could be the future.

As in other wards, some people who have been helping are slowly starting to get back to work. We are finding ways for the ward to be revived. It is important that we are prepared in case of a localised outbreak. The plan is to do some leafleting again and to recruit more volunteers.

We are now moving forward in trying to find ways to help people who have been furloughed, perhaps via support links and other ways yet to be developed, e.g. ‘skill matching’ - if someone has a talent or skill, they could offer their services, and, in exchange, others could do the same. We are also exploring the ‘walking buddy scheme’, whereby residents would be paired with a buddy or two, in line with social distancing. We believe this would help with their confidence when leaving their home, especially after a long period of lockdown. We believe this will help with mental health.

The plans for the future of Mutual Aid are being discussed, they are always evolving and adapting according to the community’s needs, yet the beauty of it remains unchanged.

Marta Albright Autran Dourado

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