"Since 22nd August 2020, we found quite a few of our volunteers wanted to help the local youth recover some of the lost time that COVID-19 had caused in their education.  The wonderful Mora Primary School was willing to let us use their premises and advertise the scheme to those in their community most in need of the extra support. We have approximately 45 pupils aged 6-17 years old, supported by approximately 15 brilliant regular tutors. We have Science, Maths, English Art, Drama and Music, and soon we hope to also run a gardening project where pupils will be able to plant and tend to their own vegetables. 
It is incredibly local, bringing together people from all different backgrounds to learn together every Saturday morning and provide a new sense of community for all those involved. 
Please feel free to contact us on mapesburymutalaid@gmail.com if you have any ideas how we can continue to grow and expand the horizons of our young people or if you would like any advice about how to launch such a project in another local area."

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